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Since Tom Ford rebranded the cheapest perfume formula into the fragrance for people into water sports, the industry has spiralled into launching Eaux de Colognes. 


Guerlain and Dior, shame on you 

 eau de cologne dior eau sauvage  
shalimer cologne guerlain 

Make it stop.


Versace's latest scent is definitely not something we made up:(.

(Why not travel to Dubai to buy it?)



Le Beau Male de Gaultier

Gaultier are set to launch the next flanker of their blockbuster fragrance Le Male in the coming months.

It’s probably a relief for the marketing team that this time they haven’t called it “Terrible”. They might even, y’know, sell some.

Basenotes reports that it is inspired by the notes of the original, and is signed by ScentBitch’s favourite snarky perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian.

dior hypnotic poison eau for gods sakeNot being satisfied with ruining the original, Dior have launched yet another flanker.

According to Fragrantica this version “refrains from vulgarity”.

Notes include Sicilian mandarin, orange, Calabrian bergamot, Sambac jasmine accord, Tunisian neroli, vanilla.

Scentbitch counts this as the fourth iteration of Hypnotic Poison, itself a flanker to Poison.¬†We just wish they’d bring back Tendre Poison in all it’s former glory.

Speaking of all this flankering, when did Dior last launch a new pillar fragrance? 2008 with Escale a Portofino? Was that even a pillar? We just don’t know any more.